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Copy Protection Stick with Flash Memory

How CodeMeter works and why do I need CodeMeter?

The CodeMeter CmCard (CmCard) is a SD Card, which stores the licenses of software that is protected with CodeMeter.

Software vendors are using CodeMeter to protect their software against piracy and counterfeiting, and manage licensing flexibly. As a user, you often don’t have to buy the whole software, but only the component you need, and therefore you benefit of some price advantage.

If you want to start your CodeMeter-protected software, you need the associated license to be present:

  • on your PC
  • on a server
  • in a connected CmStick or
  • in a connected CmCard.

Please contact your authorized CodeMeter reseller, to learn about all the supported options.

Advantages of CodeMeter

Licenses in a CmCard are mobile. You can transfer the licenses anytime to another PC by removing the CmCard from your old PC and plugging it to the new PC.

Licences in a CmCard are secure. A CmCard has an average operation time of more than 2 million hours. For this reason, your investment in licenses is protected against the loss through damaged hardware. Your licenses are also available in the event you should change your PC, or after a new complete installation of your PC.

One CmCard for many vendors. With the cross-vendor option, you can store licenses from many vendors in a single CmCard. You have then all your licenses readily available in a single device.
You can easily buy and transfer your additional purchased licenses via the Online Portal of the protected software vendor.

CodeMeter in a Network

If you have purchased a CodeMeter-protected network license from the vendor, you only need a CmCard on the license server in the network to be able to offer multiple licenses for your different workstations.

CodeMeter offers a flexible license server. You have an ample choice for your operating system. CodeMeter supports in fact Windows, Linux, and OS X.

You can reserve licenses for specific employees. With CodeMeter, you can reserve licenses on the network license server exclusively for a designated user, a group of users, a PC, or an IP address, thereby ensuring that the licenses are always available to these users or these PCs.

Keep track of the used licenses. CodeMeter is transparent and offers an overview of the used licenses on a network license server. You can therefore assign licenses according to behavioral patterns. You can similarly identify unused licenses and detect the demand of additional licenses.


  • License Memory
  • 1024 MByte Flash-Disk

System Requirements:

  • CodeMeter Runtime version 5.0 or higher (verify the latest release available for download)
  • Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10, Linux, OS X
  • PC with available USB-Port

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