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About CodeMeter | What is CodeMeter?

CodeMeter is a mobile all-rounder and an expert of security

The CmStick stores security relevant data (such as login data) within the protected memory of an integrated microchip.

  • Quick and easy software purchase - choosing from many categories at favourable prices. More Infos ...
  • Secure storage of up to 8 GBytes of personal data on your CmStick's optional flash memory. More Infos ...

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The CmStick has won several "iF Awards".
More information to the award you can find here

The CmStick has won several "iF Awards". In the magazine "CHIP" the CmStick/M256 was rated VERY GOOD.
In another test of the CHIP magazine, in August 2008 the CmStick was rated GOOD.
For more information, please visit the German website.

The CmStick has been reviewed several times by radio, television and magazines. You can find more information about the award here

Crossplatform compatibility

The basic features of CodeMeter are implemented in the hardware and therefore available on all operating systems supporting USB. For the specific software compatibility please refer to the following table.

Features Linux
(32/64 Bit)
Mac OS X Win XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
(32/64 Bit)
CodeMeter Stick Ok
Buy Software OK
Flash Memory


The CmStick

The award winning The CmStick is equipped with a customized microchip similar to those used on your debit card or your health insurance card. With this chip the CmStick is able to store secured data in encrypted form like software licences and much more.

State-of-the-art methods are used for the encryption, which assure a maximum of security. The fact, that the basic features are integrated in the hardware increases the security and ensures that it will run on all operating systems, which supportes USB sticks.

The CmStick is available in different typs. You can choose between a CmStick with no flash memory and with flash memory up to 8 GB. The memory is important if you wish to store more than your licences - also your personal data.

Whether at home on your PC, your working place in the office or even at holiday in the Internet café - with a CmStick you always have your licences and your data with you.

The CmStick exists in different colours and with optional memory. The CmStick is winner of the "iF design award 2005".


1. CmStick/MC 8GB ME
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