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CodeMeter for Linux

CodeMeter Runtime

The CodeMeter Runtime for Linux supports the CmStick and the CmStick/M.

  • The CodeMeter Runtime Package contains the CodeMeter driver. This includes all necessary files like the CodeMeter server daemon, the CodeMeter Gui-Client and the USB hotpluging.
  • The AxProtector Runtime package is necessary to run automatically encrypted Java applications.

The current version of the CodeMeter driver requires

  • Linux Kernel 2.6.x or 3.0x
  • Intel-Architecture (i386 resp. x86_64)
  • glibc 2.3 or higher
  • X11 Server
  • TCP/IP Network Support

Installation packages

The following packages are available:

Installation details

To install or uninstall the CodeMeter package use your favorite package manager shipped with your Linux distribution or execute the following shell commands:

Install the RunTime Package with:

  • RPM: rpm -ivh Filename
  • DEB: dpkg -i Filename

If you wish, you can uninstall the CodeMeter RunTime Package by using:

  • RPM: rpm -ev CodeMeter
  • DEB: dpkg -r codemeter
  • DEB: dpkg --purge codemeter

Further information

CodeMeter Runtime 6.40b, AxProtector 9.55b released
1. CmStick/MC 8GB ME
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